Training for existing BSS Examiners - Policies, Principles, Outcomes and T&Cs

All examiners have agreed to meet the policy of assuring continued competence

As stated in the BSS Examiner Conditions of Registration, Examiners are required to undergo periodic competence assessments, as arranged by the BSS to maintain their continued authorisation.

Specifically, Examiners are required to attend such continuation or refresher training and assessment courses as may be arranged from time to time by the BSS to update/maintain skills and knowledge. Adequate notice will be given of such training and costs involved will be minimised. Where deemed appropriate by the BSS, such training and assessment must be undertaken online.

Principles of BSS Training and Assessment

These are the features BSS training must demonstrate:

validity - it trains, assesses and delivers what it sets out to

reliability - it supports and leads to consistent and repeatable results

practicality - it is not inordinately difficult or expensive to implement

fairness - it does not make unreasonable demands of examiners

credibility - it provides reasonable and supportable evidence of examiner competence

Features and Outcomes of BSS Training Courses

  • it is targeted and appropriate to the proper application of the BSS checking procedures and requirements and/or essential safety knowledge in support of them
  • it is pitched to support what examiners actually do
  • it offers good value for money and the costs to examiners are minimized
  • examiners are clear as to the purpose, objectives, pre-course knowledge and skills or work, training and assessment options (for example, if there is an option to be assessed without attending training in controlled circumstances), performance criteria[1] and course outcomes, at least six months in advance of the provision
  • different training/assessment initiatives are separated by at least six months
  • wherever possible training/assessment is delivered by an independent and accredited provider
  • wherever possible, training/assessment provision is delivered regionally
  • examiners are clear about the training techniques to be used in advance, for example, PowerPoint instruction, practical instruction or web-based tutorials
  • assessment is based upon a 'competent/not yet competent' basis and the pass mark level is made known in advance
  • repeat assessment opportunity arrangements for examiners who fail to demonstrate 'competency' first time around are made known in advance
  • assessment techniques to be used are made known in advance e.g. the deployment of continuous assessment or closed/open book exams, oral examinations or interviews etc.
  • assessment arrangements to be used are made known in advance e.g. the use of any vetting and verification or use of an awarding body
  • specialist personal needs of individual examiners are established in advance
  • the outcome of the assessments will be made known on the day of the assessment, if possible
  • the achievements will be certified by an accredited body wherever practical and appropriate
  • successful examiners will receive a certificate confirming attendance and competence achievement
  • examiner records will be amended accordingly
  • the effectiveness of the training provision will be assessed and any improvement needs incorporated into future training initiatives

Terms and Conditions

Agreeing to the BSS Examiner Conditions of Registration is also regarded as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Application & Booking

1. All applications to attend BSS Examiner training must be made online and received at the BSS Office (or the office of its Training Providers when so stipulated) by the stated application closing date.

2. Bookings may not be confirmed on any course until a pre-determined minimum number of delegate BSS Examiner applications have been received.


3. Invoices will be raised upon issue of confirmation of the course booking by the BSS Office (or its Training Providers). Fees are payable within 30 days unless stated otherwise on the invoice.  Bookings may not be held open to an applicant if 30 days from the date of invoice passes without payment being received.

4. All BSS Examiner training is subject to VAT at the applicable full current rate.


5. Due to financial commitments the BSS Office or its Training Providers must make when arranging training, a maximum cancellation period will be strictly adhered to.  The cancellation period will be 28 days (or as otherwise specified) from the receipt-date of an initial application.  No refund can be made after the cancellation period has elapsed. However, see 8 below.

6. There will remain an obligation upon the Examiner to honour any invoices issued relating to course applications when bookings are cancelled by the Examiner after the latest stipulated cancellation date for any course.

7. In the event an Examiner is at the last minute unable to attend a training event the Examiner or their representative must immediately contact the BSS Office by telephone to confirm the fact and receive further directions.

8. If cancellation is unavoidable outside of the cancellation period, it may be possible to transfer the unused place to another Examiner; however an administrative charge of not more than 20% of the full course fee may be required.  Cancellation of the place will still not be possible outside of the cancellation period.

Force Majeure

9. BSS Office or its Training Providers may on occasion have to cancel a course at short notice if circumstances dictate.  The BSS Office or its Training Providers shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, delay or failure of performance resulting directly or indirectly from any cause which is beyond its reasonable control.

10. BSS Office or its Training Providers will always endeavour to re-arrange a cancelled course as soon as possible and at the least inconvenience to the Examiners concerned. In the event that this does not prove possible, BSS Office or its Training Providers will refund the course fee in full.


11. In the event of dissatisfaction with any aspect of training, the BSS Manager Office must be notified in writing within 7 days of the Examiner candidate completing the course.

12. In the event the response from the BSS Manager is considered unsatisfactory by the Examiner, the subject of the grievance will be reviewed and decided upon by the BSS Management Committee Executive at the next committee meeting.

[1] Performance criteria = pre-specified criteria spelling out what the examiner is expected to be able to do.