Customer Care

Of course there are essential skills and behavioural standards that examiners should live up to in front of customers. However, this section is only about the customer care principles at play and the basic pointers to ensure customer satisfaction.

Having years of experience and daily dealings with customers means that many examiners have honed their skills in communicating face-to-face, on the telephone, via e-mail or in a report. However, it may be the case that individual examiners can find some specific improvements by taking advantage of various learning opportunities. This website is not the place for that, but there many oppenings out there, such from professional bodies, local business forums, evening classes, etc.

In these pages we look at why the highest standards of customer care and how the adoption of best professional practices are likely to benefit your business and at the same time, influence your customers to be more safe.

We also provide a few basic pointers to help you to ensure your customer's expectations are not just met, but you can see that they are exceeded.

And please do not forget if the Boat Safety Scheme Examination result is 'Yes' or 'Yes, but some advice checks did not pass', it is a given a Boat Safety Scheme Certificate, which is valid for four years.

You must provide the owner of the owner's representative with a full BSS Certification report either on a paper print out, or as a electronic file, or both if the owner wishes and request a copy both ways.

Encourage the owner to keep the report very safe and not to lose it as their insurance company, marina, broker or purchaser of the boat could well demand sight of the document.