Agreements and Expectations

There are agreements and expectations that are part and parcel of being authorised as a Boat Safety Scheme Examiner.

There are responsibilities on both examiners and the BSS Office. From 2011, the working relationship between the BSS Office Team and the BSS Examiners is one where support from the BSS is mirrored by individual BSS Examiners reviewing their own activities and performance and addressing any inconsistencies.

The expectation on examiners is as much about how examiners perform as it is about what they know.  High professional standards and meeting customer expectations is accepted will add to boaters' safety.  Find out more about the level expectation and the responsibility in Examiner's hands.

CoR - Consultation on proposed amendments 2017

We sought examiner’s views on proposals for amending the BSS Examiner Conditions of Registration (CoR). The proposals were approved for consultation by the BSS Management Committee on 15 December 2016.

This consultation has now ended and the consulation response has been published here.


This section is the home of the Service Level Agreement between examiners and the BSS Office.  The introduction of the BSS Examiner Service Level Agreement (SLA) in 2011 has allowed the expression of the conditions of being an authorised BSS Examiner to be both short and simple.

All BSS Examiners have to agree to abide by the Conditions of Registration (CoR).

The CoR cover the essential examiner activity and responsibilities. As such there is further guidance and details of such actions for example, when carrying out examinations or maintaining knowledge, on the various pages of this website.

So as to avoid any doubt about the Conditions, a Glossary and Explanatory Guidance document has been produced to describe the terms, the expectations, the reasons and the benefits to examiners. A new edition is published for April 2013.

Examiners are required to pay the fees and charges for registration, BSSCs and other services that BSS charges for. The most common ones are set out on this page - BSS fees and charges,

Any allegations of a breach of the CoR being made against an Examiner, are handled in accordance with BSSQA006, "Procedure for the Investigation of Alleged Breaches of the BSS Examiner Conditions of Registration

We especially draw you attention to Section 5 of the CoR sets out the personal safety expectations on BSS examiners as one of the Conditions of Registration, there is advice on health and safety in the 'You & the BSS' section, but examiners should not consider that this offers complete coverage of the subject.