You and the BSS

This section of the website deals with the relationship between the examiner, the BSS Office Team and the Boat Safety Scheme.

The agreements and expectations section is home for the Service Level Agreement which sets out the positive and mutually beneficial working relationship between the BSS Office and all BSS Examiners.  Also included are the Conditions of Registration and clear guidance specific to them.

This section also contains some advice concerning the health & safety responsibilities of BSS Examiners, but examiners should not consider that this offers complete coverage of the subject.

The Individual Development section is the place to find out more about the courses and seminars and personal development in regards to BSS matters.  Here you can find out more about how attending a BSS Field Assessments can help you improve your examining performance.

There is also a page where you can view or download the current Salesforce How To Guides and the various BSS forms and pro-forma documents.

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