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The Boat Safety Scheme - Examiners Portal

These pages on the BSS website are the exclusive support for BSS Examiners. Consider them to be a 'tool in your toolbox' to help you find answers to your questions, review your examining performance and learn about the latest developments.

In the red section under examination is the examination support area, where, in addition to both sets of Examination Checking Procedures, examiners can find the Manager's guidance for undertaking examinations, the technical updates and information to help you apply the BSS checks consistently.

In the blue section called supporting information you will find information about the underlying principles supporting the Scheme's requirements, checks, procedures and advice. For example. in this section the role of examiners to support the Navigation Authorities is clearly explained. The essential role of published BSS safety advice for boaters is explained and you'll find links to this advice. Also provided is detailed information about what exactly is the RCD.

The orange you and the BSS section is all about your relationship with the Scheme and the BSS Office's relationship with you. The agreements and expectations section covers such items as personal safety, the Service Level Agreement and the Conditions of Registration. There is also a page where you can view or download the current Salesforce 'How To Guides' and the various BSS forms and pro-forma documents.

The kiosk contains all the latest news and the opportunity to raise questions, give feedback, make comments and submit photos.

This is the sector where you will find the Examiner Newsletters.