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Dear Examiner,

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EXAMINER NEWS 23-002 (opens PDF newsletter) 22 Dec 2023

The topic covered in this newsletter are: -

  • Thank you BSS Examiners and the BSS committee members
  • Christmas closing and cover
  • Be alert to unbranded CO alarms
  • Instantaneous water heater survey
  • Lithium-ion battery safety initiative 2024

Thank you – a year of hard work and change

I would like to begin with a huge thank you for the sustained and arduous work by all over the past 12 months.

A reminder is hardly necessary, but there are 16 navigation and harbour authorities with 80,000+ boat owners relying upon the awesome joint endeavours of Scheme, including Examiners, committee members, consultants, and BSS Office team to help deliver safer boats and therefore reduce risks for those authorities’ staff, volunteers, visitors, and neighbours.

BSS Examiners have done an amazing job this year and this was also recognised by the BSS Management Committee when the Chair expressed these sentiments about your work at December’s committee meeting.

The BSS team have worked hard this year to support you, despite the leaving of our valued colleague Peter to another job in April.

The new recruitment process took a while to get there, but we can advise you that we have a new person and new role of Salesforce Administrator joining us in February, albeit they will also be involved in data analysis. We will make a full introduction when they arrive.

It was also agreed by the BSS Management Committee Executive that the Scheme could recruit extra communications support in early 2024. You can expect an update on this early next year.

BSS Office at Christmas and New Year

The BSS Office is now closed and will reopen on 2 January 2024.

The phone cover (no emails) will be provided by: -
Dave – 27 Wednesday Dec – 07766 774727

Graham – 28 Thursday Dec – 07768 486189

Rob – 29 Friday Dec – 07710 175478

New Year Sales Tech – Be alert to unbranded alarms

In early Autumn, the Which consumer organisation published that it had found more than 1,000 unbranded ineffective carbon monoxide alarms listed by scores of online sellers on marketplaces including eBay, Amazon, AliExpress and Wish. 

This is the time of year that bargain hunters are scouring such outlets and we may see an uptick in the wrong sort of alarms bought for boats.

So, please be alert because it is your robust checking against 6.4.3R that could save lives. Be certain that any unit has accredited third-party certification to BS EN 50291 (and is in date).

If you spot non-compliant units, you can promote your customers to choose known leading brands like BRK, Dicon, Ei Electronics, Fire Angel, FireHawk Alarms, First Alert, Honeywell, Kidde and Nest. After all, the sales are on, so there’s no excuse for not choosing wisely.

New Examiner survey – instantaneous water heaters

With our Boat Safety Scheme Delivery Executive leaving (above) we had to delay the launch of a new Examiner survey related to non-room-sealed instantaneous water heaters (IWHs) mentioned in the last Technical Newsletter.

We now plan to launch the voluntary survey questionnaire on before week commencing 8 January on the Examination records on the BSS Database (just like the immensely valuable 12-month Sept 2021-22 ‘Smoke Alarm Survey’).

Your support for this project will help the Scheme and its committees to establish whether the number of open-flued and unflued IWHs installed in boats is increasing, and what proportion of IWHs are of the budget, far-eastern type.

With enough data, the patterns of IWH use can be established and any associated risks assessed. Your data inputs can make a tangible difference to boaters’ safety, and we thank you in advance if you can join in with this.

Look out for the new section at the bottom of the Examination report page. You can load in results as soon as it appears.

Lithium-ion battery safety initiative 2024

We have been doing intense work on considering the risks linked to emerging technologies. lithium-ion batteries are raising concerns with fire and rescue services as they attend increasing numbers of ferocious fires caused by damaged or failing lithium-ion batteries on e-bikes and e-scooters.

When appropriately used, lithium-ion batteries on small portable items such as phones, laptops, toothbrushes, watches, cameras and powerpacks are free of fire risks, however they can present a fire risk when over-charged, short-circuited, subject to heat, submerged in water or if they are damaged.

We are working with some of the UK’s leading experts on this topic, and we are planning to survey boat owners about their current and planned use of lithium-ion powered equipment in 2024.

However, you with your ear to the towpath can help. If you hear about, or witness any close shaves, melted battery casings, overheated chargers, or even fires involving lithium-ion powered equipment, big or small, please email bss.office@boatsafetyscheme.org or WhatsApp Dave Washer on 07766 774727 with details.


We hope you have great festive season, and we wish you best for the New Year.


Best action:


Best regards and keep safe,

Kevin Tyson, BSS Manager





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EXAMINER NEWS 22-003 (opens PDF newsletter) 16 August 2022

  • BSS committees,
  • Your say
  • The consultation on changes to some BSS Requirements
  • The publication of Controlled (final) versions of the ECP manuals
  • Corrections to three Appendices, stationery bulk order
  • Hire Boat examination training
  • Phoning us and helping us to help you better
  • New desk top assessment support.

EXAMINER NEWS 22-002 (opens PDF newsletter) 13 Apr 2022

  • News briefs
  • Revised ECPs, some aspects under consultation & the implications
  • COVID-19 rule changes
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EXAMINER NEWS 22-001 (opens PDF newsletter) 2 Mar 2022

  • COVID-19 rule changes
  • The new online Appliance Data Tool
  • Examiner Registration and Authorisation subjects – smoother application tips

EXAMINER NEWS 21-007 (opens PDF newsletter) 24 Dec 2022

This edition contains news of: - the latest COVID-19 advice; announcing a new appliance information joint initiative (c/w a mystery appliances attachment), two new members of the BSS Office Team, an interim BSS Technical Briefing on diesel fuelled appliances (see two attachments), 2021 round-up and look forward to 2022

EXAMINER NEWS 21-006 (opens PDF newsletter) 14 Sep 2021

In this edition we introduced the new interim core Examination Checking Procedures (Private Boat and associated Hire Boat Requirements) including the associated training and support measures

EXAMINER NEWS 21-005 (opens PDF newsletter) 15 Jul 2021

In this edition we published an update concerning the Examiner Online Training Programme.

EXAMINER NEWS 21-004 (opens PDF newsletter) 09 Jul 2021

In this edition we clarified some points regarding the online training modules

EXAMINER NEWS 21-003 (opens PDF newsletter) 29 Jun 2021

 16-Month Online Training Programme Special Edition with an update on the announcement in March about an extensive online training programme. The programme will start this week and the completion date has been extended by agreement to September 2022 (from 12 months to 16 months). It is confirmed as

EXAMINER NEWS 21-002 (opens PDF newsletter) 24 Mar 2021

In this edition we have the latest COVID-19 advice, Phil is retiring, coming up in 2021-22 Re-registration preparation.

EXAMINER NEWS 21-001 (opens PDF newsletter) 13 Feb 2021

Examiners’ Survey thanks to volunteers; A reminder to follow the End-to-End examination process; LPG tightness-test lock-up values and regulator hazards; Annual registration fee increase £170; Successful start to new Examiner Training Programme; Search for BSS Champions and a BSS Assessor; Toilets and non-specific issues; Smoke Alarm Survey starting soon

EXAMINER NEWS 20-011 (opens PDF newsletter) 24 Dec 2020

COVID-19 New tier, new restrictions for some. BSS Management Committee message of appreciation; BSS Manager message of Appreciation, Coming up in 2021 - BSS Examiner Community coming soon, propane lock-up value, butane lock-up value, time to lock-up, and a new field related to LPG regulators, later - smoke alarm survey

EXAMINER NEWS 20-010 (opens PDF newsletter) 03 Nov 2020

In this edition we have five topics starting with the information that broke over the weekend about a the COVID-19 related lockdown news from Westminster. We also cover LPG Upgrade Course Training feedback as well as LPG core knowledge competence for those examiners who did not attend LPG Upgrade training and assessment.

We also introduce our new BSS Business & Technical Manager Graham Forbes who joined us at the end of September.

Finally, we wave goodbye to Conga and welcome Weaver as the report generator tool on the BSS Community database.

EXAMINER NEWS 20-009 (opens PDF newsletter) 19 Oct 2020

Desk Top Assessment support about to start

EXAMINER NEWS 20-008 (opens PDF newsletter) 31 July 2020

BSS Examination Suspension ends 31 July

EXAMINER NEWS 20-007 (opens PDF newsletter) 22 May 2020

COVID-19 Updates and Insurance reminder

EXAMINER NEWS 20-006  (opens PDF newsletter) 12 May 2020

EXAMINER NEWS 20-005  (opens PDF newsletter) 07 May 2020

COVID-19 - suspension stays in place, but change is being planned

EXAMINER NEWS 20-004  (opens PDF newsletter) 20 April 2020

EXAMINER NEWS 20-003 (opens PDF newsletter) 9 April 2020

BSS Examination suspension extended to 30 April

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EXAMINER NEWS 20-002  (opens PDF newsletter) 27 March 2020

BSS examinations suspended to 14 April due to COVID-19 lockdown; likewise Examiner registration extended to 30 Apr

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EXAMINER NEWS 20-001  (opens PDF newsletter) 19 Mar 2020

Interim COVID-19; the LPG Update Training course; BSS Certification Cost From 1 April 2020; Examiner suspended for not having insurance cover; BSS Examiner annual registration fee; BSS Examiner Annual Registration; Changes to the procedure used to investigate formal Examiner complaints; Database link reminder.

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EXAMINER NEWS 19-005  (opens PDF newsletter) 06 Aug 2019

the LPG Update Training course, PCT LPG pipework, the acceptability of all FireAngel CO alarms, yet another fraud investigation – we restate the importance of ensuring accurate boat details on the BSS Database, BSS Business and Technical Manager Simon Vayro is leaving.

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EXAMINER NEWS 19-004  (opens PDF newsletter) 31 May 2019

With reminders and updates to keep youselves safe from harm and out of court. Covers, allegations that a small minority of Examiners are making up some rules; LPG training course update; a potential risk caused by over-filled LPG cylinders; a new acceptable CO alarm certification mark (with some important caveats)

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EXAMINER NEWS 19-003  (opens PDF newsletter) 28 April 2019

Covers the recent online course and we update you about the planned LPG Update Training; initial findings from your examinations to the new CO alarm check; the guidance concerning boats having decommissioned systems; the need to have insurance in place and to co-operate with the audit; news that IE 9 and 10 browsers are no longer supported by Salesforce.

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EXAMINER NEWS 19-002  (opens PDF newsletter) 28 February 2019

Covers the annual registration process and prepares you to take control to ensure a smooth registration process for 2019-20. For those Examiners with insurances arranged through Michael Hall Associates Limited (MHA) there is some important news below.

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EXAMINER NEWS 19-001 (opens PDF newsletter) 13 Feb 2018

Confirmation of the BSS Management Committee decision to implement the BSS CO alarm requirements from April and outlines what happens next. There are BSS staff changes in the pipeline with two vacancies. We also ask you to prepare for BSS Examiner Re-registration. There’s an update on the Examiner Survey findings and have two training topics, the LPG course and we ask if any examiners are interested in a Hire Boat Requirements upgrade? Finally, we seek your help with sourcing any ‘black museum’ outboard fuel system components we could use.

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EXAMINER NEWS 18-008 (opens PDF newsletter) 12 Dec 2018

This contains a brief update concerning the planned LPG update course and proposed CO alarm requirements training. We also encourage you to update Salesforce with any changes to your membership of organisations and we set out the usual arrangements for the Christmas period shut-down.


EXAMINER NEWS 18-007  (opens PDF newsletter) 20 Sep 2018

Richard's of Morale Solutions report directly on the BSS Examiner Survey 2018 results in this edition of BSS Examiner News. We set out the next steps as a follow-up. There's two brief advice articles, useful for examiners interested in doing a great job – especially if they get stuck for words. Last call for examiners interested in gaining 2002 authorisation.

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EXAMINER NEWS 18-006  (opens PDF newsletter) 17 Aug 2018

We alert you to the public consultation on proposals to introduce new mandatory BSS Requirements for CO alarms on boats. What you know about old portable fire extinguishers on boats that pre-date fire ratings, and quick update on the BSS Examiner Survey 2018

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EXAMINER NEWS 18-005  (opens PDF newsletter) 2 July 2018

We have a reminder of the examiner survey, the need to protect yourself by completing boat details, update Conditions of registration, early invoice run, would you be a guru?

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EXAMINER NEWS 18-004 (opens PDF newsletter) 16 May 2018

We have news of an examiner survey and we clarify that examiners must not mis-represent the BSS position on bubble testers, not should they undertake work on boats in scope of the Gas Safety [Installation and Use] Regulations.

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EXAMINER NEWS 18-003  (opens PDF newsletter) 27 Feb. 2018

This edition of BSS Examiner  news covers the annual registration process and prepares you to take control to ensure a smooth registration process for 2018-19.

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EXAMINER NEWS 18-002  (opens PDF newsletter) 13 Feb. 2018

This examiner news had a theme of self-protection, but starts with a request for new ID photos from those examiners wanting to change next year as well as a request for anyone intending to retire to let the BSS Manager know. The self-protection measures include completing boat details to avoid fraud by boat onwners. There is advice on ensuring your authorisation covers the correct BSS Examination Checking Procedures and th eprocess to help avoid potential law breaking under UK gas safety legislation. Finally it covers the advantages of co-operating with investigation cases and sets out the problems when this does not happen
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EXAMINER NEWS 18-001  (opens PDF newsletter) 22 Jan. 2018

 In this edition of BSS Examiner News we cover the new agreed four-year business plan with the implications of the BSS Certifcations and annual registration fees rise and benefits you should look forward to resulting from an investment programme. We also ask have you ever encountered a water tank filling hose in a gas locker like pictured?


EXAMINER NEWS 17-005  (opens PDF newsletter) 13 Dec. 2017

In this edition of BSS Examiner News, we cover the replacement of Andrea Burrow and successor to Phil who is on his retirement path. We have important advice about the application of BSS requirements to shared-ownership boats. Why are you insured – we have a multi thousand-pound lesson that explains why. We ask you about LPG fuelled generators – what have you seen? So, what does GSIUR mean? The latest on LPG Update training. Why you should ignore some new fields on the Examination Report page, but be interested in why they are there! Christmas pressy suggestions for yourself – or leave a hint. The December invoices will be moved to next year – hurrah – but it will be early January. Finally, we have the Xmas break office closure and out-of-hours contact details.

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EXAMINER NEWS 17-004  (opens PDF newsletter) 10 Aug. 2017

This newsletter covers an appeal for information concerning LPG regulator failures, we run the first of a series of articles about BSS Examiner insurance; the lessons from another report on a fatal CO incident; updates on the bulk delivery of BSS Examination documentation; the planned LPG update course; new information about a range of compliant fuel hoses and mythbusting the concept of 'pre-examination'; business and technical manager update.


EXAMINER NEWS 17-003  (opens PDF newsletter) 22 Jun. 2017

Staff changes at BSS Office; insurance audit process; flagging up a forthcoming examiner survey and forthcoming data protection training; why it's critical to keep your tech up to spec; flagging up bulk distribution of forms and pads; copy certifcate provision; David Fuller's charity row for Parkinsons Disease research.

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EXAMINER NEWS 17-002 7 Apr. 2017

The revised BSS Examiner Conditions of Registration and associated news of amended examiner CoR guidance. A modified complaints investigation procedure. The introduction of the new and amended BSS Hire Boat Requirements and the retention of the 2002 BSS Standards for other non-private boats. We repeat warnings not to break Gas Safety law. 

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EXAMINER NEWS 17-001 27 Feb. 2017

There is only one subject - Examiner registration for 2017-18

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EXAMINER NEWS 16-005 10 Dec. 2016

Do you want to examine hire craft next year, act now to express your interest. New Eberspächer arrangements. A new standard in LPG cooker connection hose assemblies to BS EN 14800. A special briefing on Freeman boats. There are two ‘self-protection’ items for examiners, one on the disease, leptospirosis. The other reinforces the implications of the UK gas legislation especially for non-Gas Safe registered examiners regarding gas tightness testing. BSS stalwart Brian Hayes retires. Christmas shopping for examiner apparel. BSS office Xmas arrangements.


EXAMINER NEWS 16-004 07 Oct. 2016

Hire boat requirements and LPG training; another CO tragedy; Kabola heating appliance fuel hoses;  fraudulent certificates; a review of the BSS Examiner Conditions of Registration; guidance on commercial catering LPG installation; guidance to customers must be accurate:


EXAMINER NEWS 16-003 22 Apr. 2016

This is the second of two important Examiner Newsletters within a week. You've had the 2016/17 registration preparatory details, so this second newsletter concentrates on examiner operational matters and reporting guidance. The list of headline topics is set out below:


BSS Examiner news archive (older than current year)



changes to the procedure used to investigate formal Examiner complaints