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EXAMINER NEWS 19-004 31 May 2019

In this edition of BSS Examiner News we…

...have reminders and updates to keep youselves safe from harm and out of court: allegations of a small minority of Examiners may be making up some rules | LPG training course updates | a potential risk caused by over-filled LPG cylinders | a new acceptable CO alarm certification mark (with some important caveats)


  • NR16-005 Don't ignore exhaust fumes in the cabin - Aug [09/08/2016]
    “If you can smell exhaust fumes in your boat, don’t ignore this sign that there could be a potential killer in the cabin!”
  • NR16-004 BSS asks: “Boaters, are you wise to carbon monoxide poisoning?” [24/06/2016]
    BSS asks: “Boaters, are you wise to carbon monoxide poisoning?” this follows the discovery of two bodies on a private boat on the Norfolk Broads.
  • NR16-003 Kidde & Lifesaver Fire Blanket Recall Alert [29/02/2016]
    The Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) is supporting Kidde Safety Europe Ltd to alert any boaters to the immediate product recall on its “Kidde” or “Lifesaver” fire blankets following concerns regarding their effectiveness in the event of an oil pan fire.
  • NR16-002b Clesse Novacomet BP1803 LPG Regulator Recall Alert UPDATE [14/10/2016]
    The Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) is supporting Clesse Industries to make boaters aware of the immediate product recall on its Novacomet branded BP1803 LPG regulators manufactured between the newly extended dates of June 2006 and September 2015.
  • NR16-001 BSS response to its consultation on changes to hire boats requirements [10/02/2016]
    Following the public consultation in Autumn 2015 on proposed changes to the Boat Safety Scheme for holiday and day hire boats, the BSS has published the agreed outcomes, and actions. Most of the proposed changes had maintained stakeholder support through the consultation and so they will be implemented as set out in the consultation, with the main exception that in taking account of the weight and extent of the comments received, it has been decided to implement the revised BSS hire boat requirements from April 2017, twelve months later than proposed in the consultation.
  • NR15-007 BSS consults on hire boat requirements Sept [04/09/2015]
    A consultation on proposals to modernise the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) requirements for hire boats, opens today 4 September and will run to 13 November 2015.
  • NR15-006 Petrol Demands Respect Aug [13/08/2015]
    The use of petrol demands huge respect and extreme caution, not least when refuelling is the succinct advice from the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS).
  • NR15-005 Never use LPG camping equipment aboard [29/06/2015]
    Boat owners are being reminded of the risk from using portable gas camping stoves, lamps and heaters on board boats because of the danger from explosion, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • NR15-004 Use BBQs safely off boats Jun 15 [26/06/2015]
    It’s time to dust off the barbeque and so the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) has a simple message, ‘We love barbecues, but never on a boat – use them ashore, enjoy them safely and avoid the twin risks of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • NR15-003 New LPG hose standard statement [26/06/2015]
    The BSS checks have changed with immediate effect as the BSS requirements now recognise two new classes of hose following the recent publication of a new European LPG hose standard.
  • Triple-whammy wood fuel warning [19/01/2015]
    Boaters using damp wood and logs in their stoves could be risking a triple whammy including increased costs, stove damage and carbon monoxide poisoning says the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS).