The Kiosk - Your Information Point

This is where to come to for the latest information, to seek answers and share your experiences

In large shopping centres, some city centres and large buildings, there is an information desk where you can go to ask the way or find out what's available.

It's the same on this website, this is the Kiosk (the green section). Here, you will find all the latest news and have the opportunity to raise questions, give feedback, make comments and submit photos.

If you cannot see what you are looking for, try the site search.

For urgent advice you can always call a BSS team member, we can all be contacted through the office number 0333 202 1000

When you call, say that you are an Examiner and the type of query, i.e.:

  • technical
  • a BSS Database/website
  • administrative query.

You may also wish try to connect directly with a member of the team, remembering that they may not be able to reply immediately:

Technical enquiries

Technical Quality Manager

07768 486189

Technical and boat incident information

Technical Administrator

07766 774727

Marketing, website, BSS Database and boat incident information

Communications Manager

07710 175478

Website, BSS Database and boat incident information

Delivery Executive

07557 150843

Customer service, training, orders, stationery

Customers Service Officer

07920 415389