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2.12.2 C2.16.2

Nov13: There's a new range of Vetus fuel filters & separators with clear bowls. Can we accept these at checks 2.12.2/C2.16.2? We can but there are two conditions that must be met before you pass it. Read more about the filter and how they pass on the NPI sheet; read more in Part 2 Vetus Clear Bowl Filter Nov 13 90X90
7.7.3 7.9.1

Mar 2013: I've just had a query from a gas fitter about replacing a braided flexible LPG hose. The proposed replacement item from Midland Chandlers is tagged with just the date, not with BS3212/2. On questioning Midland Chandlers the fitter was told that the hose itself is marked BS3212/2.

The problem is that the marking cannot be seen under the braiding. What is the BSS position? Find out in Part 7

8.10.1 Mar 2012: My customer wants to replace their LPG instantaneous water heater with a similar appliance - is that allowed? - Find out in Part 8
6.1.2 Mar 2012: Why do portable fire extinguishers need to be properly certificated? - Find out in Part 6
2.10.2 Mar 2012: Can you explain the degree of fire resistance the BSS calls for in fuel hoses, filters and fuel tanks? - Find out in Part 2
6.1.2 Mar 2012: In the ECPs the picture of the acceptable Marine Equipment Directive 'Ships Wheel' shows a CE mark and yet the 'applicability' says CE marking is not acceptable? - Find out in Part 6 MED 1