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You can use this form to ask Dave or Phil at the Boat Safety Scheme Office about technical matters relating to boat examination and compliance with the BSS requirements. Any questions relating to other matters should be submitted in the general Examiner's Clinic.

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What Happens Next?

All submitted questions get an automated email acknowledgement. As it is automatic, it can be mistaken for spam. If you don't see the email, please check your junk mail folders or spam filters.

If we can provide you with answer without having to refer it to BSS support committees or external bodies, then you should have an answer within two working days unless there are problems such as staff illness or communications problems.

Some answers may be dependent on the return of information from external bodies. If so, we will keep you posted about the progress of your question

All answers will be given in a BSS context unless there is a wider context which will be explained in the text. You should not lift any response and use it in any way that is not in that specific BSS context, it may lead to confusion and complaints.

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