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BSS Forms

To see the BSS examination process instruction including what records to keep and what forms to use, go to the Examinace Guidance pages [Link]

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements (COAR) Stationery

Mouse 20X20COAR Checks and Examination Record Form

Mouse 20X20COAR 6.4 segment of Appendix I (2019)

Mouse 20X20COAR Public Handout

Other forms

Mouse 20X20ECP BSS Examination Record Form incorporating boat details, check text, check tick boxes, record of appliances, ventilation and fire extinguishers v2.01 Mar 2018  (core/private boats: pdf)

Mouse 20X20ECP BSS Examination Record Form v2.01 Mar 2018 (core/private boats: docx)  

 Mouse 20X20BSS Examination Customer Report Form (replaces Form E) (2017 V2.0)


Mouse 20X20 Examination Record Form 2002 (i.e. Non-private/commercial boats)


Mouse 20X20Hire Boat Requirements (HBR 2017) Interim Examination Record Form incorporating boat details, check text, check tick boxes, record of appliances, ventilation and fire extinguishers v0.3 Mar18 pdf (Adobe)

Mouse 20X20HBR 2017 Interim Examination Record Form v0.3 Mar18 docx


Mouse 20X202011 Self-build customer statement template


Mouse 20X20About the BSS Examination and BSS Examination Report (T&Cs) PDF

Mouse 20X20About the BSS Examination & BSS Examination Report (T&Cs) Word Doc


The plasticated re-usable checklist sheets were withdrawn in 2017 because of the transitory nature of any markings, the record does not last six years. As such, they do not provide inherently the level of protection an examiner needs.WWW PicGm 90x90

V5 Blank BSS Examination report (certificate) for hand completion Now withdrawn due to potential abuse by boat owners. As an alternative you may want to offer the boat owner a personal receipt of or acknowledgement of examination. It should not state the result, but in case of dispute it should include the date of examination and all details of the boat examined including the name, any registration number, the make, model, size, construction and engine arrangements and year of manufacture. You must provide all your customers with an electronic or printed-out version of the BSSER document generated through Salesforce. Please provide both formats where requested to by the boat owner.


information_90x90V5 HTG-1 geting started

information_90x90V5 HTG-2 recording V5 examinations and issuing certificates

information_90x90V5 HTG-3 creating an appliance record

information_90x90V5 HTG-4 Hazardous Boat Notifications

BSS Logos

BSS New Logo 08BSS logo for websites gif 2KB

BSS New Logo 08BSS logo for printing jpeg 187KB

BSS New Logo 08BSS logo for printing eps 652KB

Replacement sets of ECPs and embossers can be requested by email to the BSS Office. It must include a short justification for the request.

ECPs can be downloaded from the examination section of this site. These items cannot be ordered on the BSS database (Salesforce).

Instructions & Guides for Volunteer Environment Monitoring Examiners

'Helpline' contact details

  • technical support for the device and software [Leigh 07788 791554]
  • BSS Database support [Rob 07710 175478]
  • policy and process issues [Graham 07711 796417]

Introduction , overview and background information  (pdf 1mB)

information_90x90Gas Analyser Field Operation Instructions  (pdf 700kB)

information_90x90Installing the Gas Aanalyser software and downloading results  (pdf 300kB)

information_90x90Uploading analyser readings onto the BSS database   (pdf 850kB)

Guidance should you have a CO spike alarm activation   (pdf 100kB)