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Autumn (Sept) 2021 Stationery briefing

The revision of the Examination Checking Procedures resulted in changes some to check numbers, deleted some checks and changed some Check questions/text, so you now need new Examination Record Form pads for Private Boats (Core) and Hire Boat Requirements. We have incorporated the CO alarm checks into the ECP and the Examination Record Forms, so that separate recording form is now redundant.

ECP Appendix B has been re-written, so there is a new Warning Notice triplicate form which aligns with the procedures set out in the Appendix.

From 28 September, please a) archive your old ECP folder insert and then b) destroy any existing stocks you hold of these stationery items (see below for downloads):

  • Private Boat Examination Record Form pads
  • HBR2017 Examination Record Form pads
  • CO Alarm Requirements Record Form pads
  • Pads of A5 warning notices forms

There are no other changes currently to other stationery items.

If you need any supplies of the items in the list below, please use the ordering system on the BSS database, which Tracy monitors.

- Non-Private Boat (2002) ERF pads

- Customer Report Form (pads)

- About the BSSC Terms & Conditions pad

- CO Safety on Boats booklet x30

- Fire Safety on Boats booklet x30

- Do Not Use Tags – pack of 10

- Refuel Ashore stickers – pack of 10

- LPG test-point fibre washer – pack of 10

- LPG test point O-ring washer – pack of 10

Warning Notice Pads and Writing Shield

The pads now contain 50 triplicate forms and comes 4-hole punched to clip into your folders. We think examiners will take out enough forms for their work time with a spare copy or two as back-up.

The new card writing shield repeats the use instructions and is designed to stop bleed through from one triplicate set to the next one underneath when you are completing a Warning Notice.

Memory jog: Berths was replaced by ‘Persons’ – this is not optional

As you know from the last briefing and your Part 8A ventilation learning module, for each separate accommodation space, the formula for calculating the fixed ventilation Requirement (in mm2) has a value for P, where P = number of persons for which the accommodation space is designed.

The value for P depends on the ownership/use status of the boat being examined.

Privately owned or managed boats

The number of people (‘P’) is the maximum number of people the boat builder stated on the CE ‘Builders Plate’, or as stated on the craft’s ‘Declaration of Conformity’ which may be found in the boat’s ‘owner’s manual’. 

Where the boat is not CE marked, or the marking, or the documentation is not available, the value for the total number of ‘people’, is the number of people accommodated in available bunks, including convertible bunks.

Hire boats

The value ‘P’ is the maximum number of hirers that the hire operator permits or states can use the boat, this includes relevant day, overnight, weekly and extended period hire boats. 

Non-private boats

For example, workboats, floating cafes and shops, the value ‘P’ is the operators stated maximum number of people who can be aboard the boat at any one time including all workforce and customers, where relevant.

CO Alarm records have been added to the record forms

We urge you to record the make, model (where visible) and position of the CO alarms you observe on boats. If an issue occurs with a boat you examined, external investigators may quiz you on such details (as happened to an Examiner this year). Protect yourself and keep very good records for six years.

Extract from Spring & Summer 2021 Stationery briefing
LPG Tightness testing – gas type and stable lockup information

The new fields on the database for recording gas testing information are now being reflected on the Examination Record Forms. They are underneath the check list line for 7.12.2 and C7.22.2.

You can circle whether it is butane or propane gas, and there are spaces to note the stable lock-up value (Stable L/U value) and time to lock-up under 60 seconds (Time to L/U) in seconds.

Private boat Examination Record form – temporary smoke alarm survey

The BSS Technical Committee and BSS Advisory Committee would deeply appreciate your help in their consideration of current fire protection on boats by making two observations about smoke alarms and reporting your results.

The committees would like to understand how many boats have ‘branded’ smoke alarms and of those how many are offering protection. From the CO Alarm checks we now believe 90% of boats have working CO alarms two years after the CO alarm requirements were introduced.

The survey comprises of two questions that should be very quick to check and provide feedback for, including where either answer is zero.

• On vessels with an accommodation space, how many mainstream branded smoke alarms are provided? (insert 0 if the answer is none)

These are the typical mainstream smoke alarm brands

BRK  Dicon Ei Electronics
Fire Angel FireHawk Alarms First Alert
Honeywell  Kidde  Nest
  1. Of those smoke alarm how many are in good condition and sound the alert when tested?
  2. Check the alarms to see if there any signs of damage or deterioration to the body of the alarm or the fixing mechanism; and operate the test function button on each alarm. Only include working alarms in obvious undamaged condition in this field, please do not remove the alarm from the mounting plate

Non-Private boat Examination Record Form
This revised pad takes account of the checks in Part 6 that changed reference number when the CO Alarm requirements were introduced.

The Checklist now matches the check items listed in the database for non-private boats.


To see the BSS examination process instruction including what records to keep and what forms to use, go to the Examination Guidance pages [Link]

Ordering stationery and other items

The complete guide to stationery shopping and order tracking is available as a download

How To Guide Stationery Shopping & Order Tracking 

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements (COAR) Stationery

Mouse 20X20COAR2019 Public Handout

Other forms

Mouse 20X20Examination Record Form Checklist Private Boats (Core)

Mouse 20X20Examination Record Form Checklist NPB2002 (i.e. Non-private/commercial boats)

Mouse 20X20Examination Record Form Checklist Hire Boat Requirements (HBR 2017)

 Mouse 20X20BSS Examination Customer Report Form (replaces Form E) (2017 V2.0)

Mouse 20X20About the BSS Examination and BSS Examination Report (T&Cs) PDF

Mouse 20X20About the BSS Examination & BSS Examination Report (T&Cs) Word Doc


The plasticated re-usable checklist sheets were withdrawn in 2017 because of the transitory nature of any markings, the record does not last six years. As such, they do not provide inherently the level of protection an examiner needs.WWW PicGm 90x90

V5 Blank BSS Examination report (certificate) for hand completion Now withdrawn due to potential abuse by boat owners. As an 'on-site' alternative you may want to offer the boat owner a personal receipt of, or acknowledgement of examination. It should not state the result, but in case of dispute it should include the date of examination and all details of the boat examined including the name, any registration number, the make, model, size, construction and engine arrangements and year of manufacture. It should not state that is a BSS document or contain the BSS logo.

When a certification is made, you must provide all your customers with an electronic or printed-out version of the BSSER document generated through the Community database via the Weaver tool.


information_90x90V5 HTG-1 geting started

information_90x90 V5 HTG-2 recording V5 examinations and issuing certificates

information_90x90 V5 HTG-3 creating an appliance record

information_90x90 V5 HTG-4 Hazardous Boat Notifications

information_90x90 V5 HTG-5 Viewing Invoices, downloading documents and paying them

information_90x90 V5 HTG-7 Producing Documents Using Weaver

information_90x90 V5 HTG-8 Making Stationery and Product orders

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Examination Checking Procedures and Appendices

ECP and ECP Appendices manual inserts can be downloaded from the examination section of this site. These items cannot be ordered on the BSS database, so if you need a replacement sets of ECPs can be requested by email to the BSS Office. It must include a short justification for the request.