Expectations on Examiners

Why meeting customer expectations is crucial for examiners

A major role for the BSS Office, and the entire purpose of this website, is to support BSS Examiners to excel at examining concerning all of the expectations placed upon them.

The main expectation, or rather obligation, is carrying out consistent examinations is nothing less than customers and the BSS Office can expect - this describes the competent BSS examiner.

The fully competent examiner delivers consistent examinations in a way that leaves customers feeling they have been treated professionally and fairly.  This approach will enhance the reputation and level of public confidence in BSS Examiners and can only help ensure repeat business and new customers from recommendations.

Poor customer service standards raises hackles and immediately puts up barriers to greater understanding in boat owners concerning safety matters.

However the reverse is also true, good customer service, high professional standards and meeting customer expectations improves boaters' safety.  More specifically, satisfying customers delivers boat owner's respect for examiners, and better understanding of the BSS checks. In turn the navigation authorities see enhanced levels of boat compliance and a more positive boating safety awareness culture. That is a lot of responsibility in Examiner's hands.