Conditions of Registration or CoR

Conditions of Registration (CoR)

Every year, you sign an agreement to abide to the CoR, so what are they? The CoR cover the essential examiner activity and responsibilities. As such there is further guidance and details of such actions for example, when carrying out examinations or maintaining knowledge, on the various pages of this website. Get to the CoR from the link at the bottom of this page.

Before you agree to examine any boat

From April 2024, Examiners are required to have a written agreement with the boat owner or their representative before commencing a BSS Examination. The minimum information required in such a written agreement are set out in useful guide in Appendix One to the CoR.

This is because there are responsibilities on examiners before starting examinations to check various aspects such as Gas Regulation and CE marking status. Have you a connection with the boat and could it be seen as a conflict of interest?

It could even be that you are being asked to examine a boat not capable of being licensed, registered or otherwise allowed to use on moor on any particular waterway. Then, if a boat fails, do you know what you must re-examine, and by when to fall within our processes?

It is questions such as these that are of importance to you, in ensuring that you stay within the CoR.

The Conditions of Registration can be viewed and downloaded as a pdf file [LINK] or continue onto web page version, here>>.