Electrical Seminars 2009-10

This is the information about the BSS Examiner electrical training course and assessments in 2009-10. It includes the course overview, the programme details, some Qs & As and the self-assessment questionnaire.

It must be remembered that the original BSS electrical training material was developed in the late 1990's; electrical systems have come on remarkably since then.

Thus, because of the increasing complexity of boat electrical systems, the course was run to be sure that examiner's knowledge and skills are current on the application of the electrical BSS Examination Checking Procedures.

The self-assessment was offered to help identify any need to brush up on the range of electrical components that are likely to be found. The training is there to help support knowledgeon the subject and fills in gaps, thus underpininng the delivery of examinations consistent with the ECPs.

The other equally important reason for this initiative is to help keep examiners safe from the risks of electrocution because the training and assessment will provide an appropriate level of understanding of the hazards and risks associated with AC electrical systems on boats.

information_90x90 Course overview - this sets out the course aims and objectives, learning methods, pre-reading material, the certificates, unsuccessful assessments and the limitations of the course.


information_90x90 Programme details - The details of the programme are fleshed out here including course content and more information on the assessment.
information_90x90 FAQs - your questions answered
Question 90x90 Self-Assessment questions. Have a go, come to you own honest conclusion as to whether or not your understanding of electrical safety is sufficient to enable you to answer 90% of the questions!