Desktop Assessments Overview

BSS Desktop Assessments are a means of helping you deliver Examinations fully consistent with the BSS Examination Checking Procedures (ECP) and general Examination guidance every time.

Desktop Assessments are one of the BSS Office's quality assurance measures and are an opportunity for collaboration between Examiners and the BSS Office Team to assess your performance and identify any improvement needs.

There are no pass or fail outcomes, but you will receive feedback from the Assessor during a telephone conversation and in writing. 

When the results from Desktop Assessments are correlated, they also form a benchmark against which the level of competence and performance of all Examiners can be assessed and any need for further support from the BSS Office identified.

Desktop Assessment focus on:

  1. your use of a checklist during Examinations
  2. how you report Examination outcomes to boat owners (your customers)
  3. your recording of Examinations on the BSS database (Salesforce)
  4. your understanding of the ECP Requirements through how you record non-compliant mandatory Checks
  5. your understanding of the ECP Requirements through how you record non-complaint Advice Checks
  6. your record keeping.

It Is intended that all Examiners shall be asked to participate in a Desktop Assessment at least once every twelve months in line with CoR.

The Assessors undertaking the Desktop Assessments may be members of the BSS Office Team and or consultant BSS Quality Assurance Assessors.