Introduction to the 2002 (non-private vessel) ECPs

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The latest draft version of appendix M which is to be applied in the interim period before the ratified final version is published. 19 Dec 2015 information_90x90

Which Examination checking procedures?

The first question to ask your customer - which Certification i.e. which set of BSS Requirements is the navigation authority asking for your boat to comply with; Private Boat, Hire Boat Requirements (2017) or Non-Private Boat Requirements (2002)?

Neither Examiners nor the BSS Office can stipulate which boat has what Examination, only the navigation authority can state what set of requirement it wish to support that boats registration/licence/mooring permission application.

If you have any doubt about the application of the checking procedures, please contact the BSS Office for guidance.

Updated Complete Non-Private Boats (2002) ECPs - updated Nov 2018 Read Action 20X20

The full original ECPs 2002 version the file is around 170 A5 pages. read_action_90x90

The supporting 2004 update notes read_action_90x90

April 2015 -  there are two changes to the first edition (2002) of ECPs for Non‐Private Boats you must take note of and apply following the introduction and acceptance of a new international standard for gas hoses.

The changes are as follows:‐

a)    Part 7 Pg.18 – C7.10.4 high‐pressure hoses; BS EN 16436 Class 3 is added as an alternative and equivalent marking to BS 3212/2 hose.

b)    Part 7 Pg.22 – C7.13.1 low‐pressure hoses – BS EN 16436 Class 2 and BS EN 16436 Class 3 are added as alternatives and equivalent markings to BS 3212/2 hose.

c)    Part 8 Pg.5 – C8.2.2(f) bullet 4 Flexible tubing to BS EN 16436 Class 2; BS EN 16436 Class 3 or BS 3212/2.

Details of the amended checks can be found here and the briefing on the new hose standards can be read here

It is the responsibility of the examiner to ensure that any personal copies of ECPs are kept up to date.

And please remember to add the letter 'C' to the start of the Check Item number when recording a non-compliance note on the BSS Database.

Technical Manual 2002 ECPs Read Action 20X20

Important Notes for examining Non-Private Boats

All relevant checks apply from Parts 2 - 10 and must be passed, i.e. there are no 'advice' checks.

Only those examiners who were trained as examiners prior to April 2005 or who have since attended the 2002 BSS Examiner Checking Procedures Training Course are eligible to examine boats to them. If you are interested to attend a course please contact the BSS Office.

Training Notes

Here are the training presentation notes for examiners who have just undergone the upgrade course, or for other non-private boat examiners who may want to refresh their knowledge and understanding.

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