Technical Support

Technical queries

If you have a technical query not covered by the training knowledge or ECP Appendices, please email and put the installation, appliance, topic and, where relevant, the BSS Check reference in the subject line.

For urgent advice you can always call a BSS team member, we can all be contacted through the office number 0333 202 1000

When you call, say that you are an Examiner and the type of query, i.e.:

  • technical
  • a BSS Database/website
  • administrative query.

You may also wish try to connect directly with a member of the team, remembering that they may not be able to reply immediately:

Technical and BSS Database enquiries

Technical & Business Manager, Graham Forbes

07768 486189

Technical and boat incident information

Technical Administrator, Dave Washer

07766 774727

Marketing, website, BSS database (BSS Community) and boat incident information

Communications Manager, Rob McLean

07710 175478

BSS database (BSS Community) management and administration, Data & Research, Desk Top and Field Assessments

Dave Phillips

07780 474813

Customer Service and case (query) management, including complaints

Customer Service Officer, Janine Stafford

07920 415389