Steer clear of danger, never do these things

Never block cabin ventilators.

Never leave LPG appliances on overnight, unless they are designed to be left on and/or are the room sealed type.

Never use mobile (cabinet) gas heaters - they are not suitable for use in boats and create extra fire safety hazards.

Never bring lit or cooling barbecues into a cabin or covered cockpit area - hot charcoal gives off large amounts of CO.

Charcoal is only safe when it is stone-cold.

Never block an appliance's air inlet or heat outlet.

Never run a solid fuel stove with its doors open, apart from when refuelling.

Never use an appliance you think is faulty or unsafe.

Never use an appliance that has a crushed flue terminal.

Never run portable generators in a cabin or covered cockpit area, or close to any door, opening or ventilator that opens into the boat.

Never run a boat's petrol engine with the exhaust outlet restricted in any way including when the craft moored against a high-sided object such as a wall, another boat or inside a lock.

Never swim near to boats with their engines running - many boats' exhausts are at low level and can create a toxic atmosphere at water level.

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