How to prevent CO on your boat


Ensure that all appliances you buy comply with the latest standards and are suitable for use in boats.

Ensure the appliances are properly installed and maintained by competent fitters including routine servicing.

Annual servicing of appliances is recommended where the boat is in frequent use, or for extended periods.

Ensure all repairs use proprietary components. Make no mistake, gash fixes or bodge jobs bring risks.

Good air supply in the cabin is vital to running appliances.

It can be calculated by using the ventilation formula in the BSS Essential Guide.

Check the cabin vents for blockages and build-ups of spiders' webs and debris.

Open windows for extra ventilation when cooking, especially when using large pans on LPG hobs.

Check solid fuel stoves for cracks, missing cover plates, warped doors and rope seals in poor condition.

Follow appliance instructions -burn the right fuel for your stove, in the right way.

Burning damp fuel or plastic rubbish can cause clogging of the flue.

When removing hot ashes and embers, use a metal ash bucket with a lid. Keep it outside and away from ventilators.
good ventilation regular servicing of appliances
do not block vents 2 Cracked SFS body

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