Living with your CO alarm

Test alarms when you first board the boat. Test the alarm weekly when the boat is in use.

CO alarms do not last forever and have a replacement date marked on them. Do not use the alarm beyond that date and if in any doubt, replace it earlier.

When working on the boat with paints, solvents, degreasers or strong chemicals, cover or remove alarm temporarily to protect the sensor, but remember to remove the cover or replace the alarm as soon as the air clears and before you use any appliance or engine.

Consider removing the alarm from a winterised boat because long periods of sub-zero temperatures may affect its sensor and battery.


Note these points:

CO alarms only detect, they cannot prevent the dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide

CO alarms may not fully safeguard individuals with specific medical conditions

CO alarms will not detect fires, smoke or leakages of petrol or LPG fuel vapours

A CO alarm can activate if it senses hydrogen e.g. from the boat's batteries gassing off when under charge, perhaps indicating a charging problem
Test alarms replace old batteries Replace old alarms

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