Where should you place your CO alarm?

All cabins with a fuel burning appliance should have a CO alarm fitted

If fuel burning appliances, generators or engines are used whilst people sleep, all sleeping quarters will need their own alarms

If the boat has a single multi-use cabin, one alarm is OK


For the best protection, follow the alarm manufacturer's installation instructions as far as the space and nature of the boat allow

But if the placement directions are difficult to meet on your boat, these are the 'best practice' points

Try to place the alarm:

  • in living quarters between 1m and 3m (on plan view) from the appliance
  • in living quarters fix alarms high up on a wall, but at least 150mm from the ceiling and where the indicator lights can be seen
  • in sleeping quarters have the alarm in the "breathing zone", i.e. near the bed head
  • before fixing, test that you can hear an alarm from any position in the boat (or buy an additional alarm)
alarm spacing avoid steam Breathing space

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