Keep flue pipes and terminals in tip top condition!


Ensure all flue or exhausts outlets are outside of awnings, covered decks or cratches.

A clean flue pipe kept good condition will help keep a good draw and help the boat keep free from toxic flue gasses.

Ensure solid fuel stove chimneys are swept at least annually, or even several times a year - the more a stove is used, the more often the chimney needs cleaning.

Check all appliance flue pipes routinely for rusting, pitting, blockages, loose or missing connections.

Look for signs of leaks.  A sooty smear at a flue-pipe joint is a bad sign.

Check that vents and flue terminals, especially on cabin tops, are not damaged, blocked or restricted by stowed equipment, ropes, tarpaulins or decorative objects.

Fix all problems without delay and before the equipment is used again!
Faulty flue keep flues clean

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