CO alarms save lives

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If you have any fuel burning appliances aboard, an engine or generator, fit a suitable audible carbon monoxide alarm for an added re-assurance.

'Black-spot' colour-changing indicator cards are not good enough. You won't have an instant warning of dangerous CO levels and there's no alarm to wake you up.

If there is potential for CO poisoning on your boat, it is better to have an alarm, than not.


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Fit alarms approved as meeting BS EN 50291-2; these are best suited for boats. Alarms with life-long batteries are availableCertification Marks

If you already have a Kitemarked alarm, tested to BS EN 50291, or 50291-1, the advice is to keep it, test it routinely and when it needs replacing, choose a unit tested to BS EN 50291-2.

List of alarm models tested to BS EN 50291-2 and stated as suitable for boats by their manufacturers. [Click]

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If in doubt about the choice of alarm, call the manufacturer's or supplier's support line for more advice.

Alarms and warning devices for people with hearing loss are available

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