Exhaust gases are killers in the cabin!

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 Inefficient petrol engine performance can increase the
concentration of CO in exhaust fumes. So, use and maintain
engines as specified in the operating instructions including
routine servicing and using the correct fuel.
Check exhaust systems routinely. Where accessible, inspect any
manifolds, pipes, joints, hoses, clamps, silencers, and
through-hull fittings for leaks or problems.
Avoid improvising portable generators for fixed use as these
have led to boater deaths and injuries.


Stay aware of the risks when running engines
Whether the boat is moving or moored, under certain running and or wind conditions, CO at
dangerous levels can be deflected or drawn in from petrol engine exhausts.
With a moving boat and even when moored, cockpit awnings can act as a funnel to draw
engine fumes inside the boat.
Be a good neighbour; avoid running your engine when moored in a crowded marina,
particularly when the air is still.

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