If you think you are suffering – ACT QUICKLY


If you suspect you have carbon monoxide poisoning or the CO alarm activates, you need to act fast'

Get all people and pets out to fresh air as quickly as you can. Stay in the fresh air


If you can, on your way out, turn off appliances and engines…

…also leave doors, windows and awnings open to allow fresh air to flow through the boat

Don't delay, see a doctor and say you may have suffered carbon monoxide poisoning.

If other crew members, or pets, are feeling ill or have the symptoms, they need medical help too

Anyone with severe symptoms needs to get to hospital as quickly as possible!

Severe CO poisoning needs immediate medical treatment

CO poisoning can only be tested shortly after exposure as its traces begin to disappear as soon as you start breathing clear air

If CO poisoning is confirmed - get a properly qualified person to find and fix the appliance or engine before it is used again

Turn off systems Do open windows Call 999 

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