Examining amphibians, PWCs and other oddments - what to say to owners?

Have you ever been approached by the owner of an Argocat all-terrain vehicle, personal water craft or even a motorised skip, wanting a BSS certificate for it? Probably not, but what would you say if an owner of an unusual class of vessel did ask?

Firstly make no presumptions:

These types of vehicle/vessel, along with hovercraft, are not the type that can normally be licensed on inland waterways because of the lack of control at slow speeds and the associated hazards they present to others.  It is of course possible to examine such vessels, but should you?

The answer is that if you are approached by an owner you should not carry out an examination but rather you should inform them to contact their navigation authority to seek advice as to whether the vehicle/vessel is of a type that could achieve a licence to navigate.  If confirmed that it is suitable then the examiner should conduct an examination as per normal.