Available H&S Topic Guidance from the BMF

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General Topics (These are generally applicable across the range of industries and workplaces)

GTG1 First Aid


GTG3 Fire

GTG4 Electricity at Work

GTG5 Working Alone

GTG6 Slips and Trips

GTG7 Safety Signs

GTG10 Manual handling

GTG11 Occupational health

GTG12 Welfare facilities

GTG13 Construction (Design and Management)

GTG14 Display screen equipment

GTG15 Diving at Work

GTG16 Driving at work

GTG17 Premises

GTG18 Pressurised plant and compressed air systems

GTG19 Stress

GTG20 Emergency planning

GTG21 Asbestos

GTG22 Noise

Specialised Topics (These cover areas of safety where legislation requires interpretation to suit the circumstances of the marine industry, or where industry best practice exists)

STG1 Provision and Use of Work Equipment

STG2 Dangerous Substances

STG3 Substances Hazardous to Health

STG4 Lifting Equipment and operations

STG5 Personal Protective Equipment.

STG6 Working in Confined Spaces

STG7 Working at Height

STG8 Working on or near to water

STG9 Vibration at Work

These topic guidance notes are available for examiners by  email from the BSS Office by kind permission of the BMF