Risk References

Since 2005 the BSS has adopted a 'risk based' approach whereby the lessons learned from incident data helps determine whether or not new requirements are introduced or whether a new awareness leaflet or media release is warranted.

It is clear from the known causes of incidents that owner behaviour, or lack of awareness, is the main contributory cause of incidents. Accordingly, the Navigation Authorities have set the BSS on a course to promote safety awareness because they know that this measure most likely to reduce the number of incidents.

The data will also lead the introduction of any new BSS requirements but it is generally accepted that new mandatory requirements will likely be used to address new risks and it not anticipated that retrospective will be employed unless the case in favour of such measures is very strong. Incident reports help the BSS monitor for new risks

Examiners have a key role to report incidents and near misses to help ensure that the BSS knows of all incidents that occur. You can report incidents using the normal communication methods.

In this part of the website you will find the information drawn from the annual report to the BSS Management Committee of incident reports collected by the BSS.

You will also find some key technical reports developed in tandem with consultants and partner organisations.