Choose safe stove installation, it could be the most important decision of your life!

Keeping safe with solid fuel stoves, means spotting any early signs of trouble; keeping an eye on things when using the stove and taking action if you suspect problems - don't let it ride.

How to keep safe with solid fuel stoves

Four simple points:-

1) can you improve the area around your stove, or the chimney, or does the stove need renewing, if yes plan how you'll take the next opportunity to meet best practice;

2) keep an eye on the stove and chimney for the earliest signs of trouble, and don't delay taking any action;

3) take care operating your stove, use it as the instructions state;

4) make and take the time to maintain the stove

If feel unsure about either what you've found on your boat, or about how you run your stove, ask a professional for advice or to fix any problems.