Domed Decklights - Bullseyes

They may have been fitted on boats for 100 years or more, but in summer, boats with domed-decklights, better known as bullseyes, could be at risk from fires breaking out in strong sunlight.

Bullseye Sun Warning Test 

In years with strong sunlight, there’s often a handful fires or close escapes where the light rays, focussed and intensified by the domed-decklights, scorches fixtures or objects lying in the focal path of the lens.

 It can scorch and set burning the wood linings of a boat as well as objects lying in the path such as when in one example the focussed rays of the sun were concentrated onto towels and a toiletry aerosol which caught fire which spread to the cabin.

If you have domed decklights keep an eye (and nose) on any signs of overheating, scorching, or charring to the material around a bullseye.

Even if there is no sign of damage to the boat structure, make sure that anything that can be affected, including furnishings and any loose objects, are kept at least 300mm away from bullseyes.

 Bullseye focal point (IJ) 90x90

burning caused by bulls eye

Bullseye Charring (PE 09) 90x90 

Bullseye damage (RA07) 90x90