Enjoy your barbecues, but safely off the boat

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Never use a barbecue (BBQ) on board a boat - take it ashore, enjoy it safely and avoid the twin risks of fire and carbon monoxide

Barbecuing off the boat reduces the risk of setting fire to decks and on-board combustible materials from the heat from the red hot charcoal or loose embers.

When barbecuing ashore remember to be careful not to place a disposable BBQ where it could set alight wooden jetties, boardwalks, or dry grass and vegetation.

BBQs need to be far enough away from the boat so that any hot embers blowing in the wind can't reach boat furnishings, or any anything else that can burn, like newspapers or clothes.

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When the BBQ is lit, keep a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher ready nearby.

Don't forget the carbon monoxide (CO) risk

BBQs continue to produce dangerous amounts of CO for hours after the cooking is over!

It is never safe to have a lit or cooling BBQ in a cabin or covered cockpit area. The only safe charcoal is that which is absolutely stone-cold.

And because of the risk of both fire and CO...

...you cannot drop your guard

Before you dispose of used BBQ charcoal, double-check that it is completely cold to the touch, either;

  • let the charcoal burn out and go cold in a safe place protected from wind, or;
  • pour plentiful water onto the smouldering fuel.

Used charcoal and unwanted BBQ materials should be disposed of responsibly.