water intakes

The provisions of this section of Part 10 in the 2002 BSS Standards are mandatory for non-private boats where applicable.

An effective valve or cock fitted in water intake pipes can reduce the risk of the boat sinking if the pipe is damaged in some way. It's a good idea to fit these to all skin hull fittings that are below the water line when the boat is normally loaded, since they allow you to quickly isolate any water intakes. [10.4]

Any openings in the hull must be at least 250mm above the normal laden water line. However, if this cannot be achieved for, say, a sink outlet, you should ensure that the outlet pipe within the vessel is watertight to that height inside the vessel. This will achieve the same objective of preventing water seeping into the boat. The pipe joints need to be clipped to remain watertight - push-fit plumbing is not recommended in case it comes apart under pressure. [10.4]