part ten checklist

10.1  lifebuoys provided
  lifebuoys carried in a readily accessible position

10.2 hand/guard-rails fitted
  hand/guard-rails of adequate strength
  hand/guard-rails of adequate length

10.3 lowest point of hull opening positioned greater than 250mm above normal laden waterline or is watertight up to 250mm
  self-draining cockpit opening approved
  weed hatch cover at least 150mm above normal laden waterline
  weed hatch cover watertight when secured

10.4 opening below waterline fitted with directly adjacent valve/cock
hull opening valve readily accessible

10.5 ventilation labels fitted
  ventilation labels prominently displayed

10.6 glass fitted to BS 952 Part 1*
  acrylic/polycarbonate material suitable*

10.7  unpowered hotel boat complies with Standard 6.1

  All checklist items relevant to the boat's installations are mandatory passes for non-private vessels