Conditions of Registration

All about teamwork and support. There are two sides to the relationship between BSS examiners and the Boat Safety Scheme.

There is the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that allows the expression of the terms and conditions of being an authorised BSS Examiner to be both short and simple.

BSS examiners have can expect a working relationship where support from the BSS office team is mirrored by individual BSS Examiners reviewing their own activities and performance and addressing any inconsistencies.

And there are the Conditions of Registration, the minimum expected performance criteria for examiners.

Conditions of Registration (CoR)

Every year, an examiner will sign an agreement to abide to the CoR, so what are they? The CoR cover the essential examiner activity and responsibilities. As such there is further guidance and details of such actions for example, when carrying out examinations or maintaining knowledge, on the various pages of this website.

Examiner safety, training and other considerations each individual must have

There are other responsibilities on the CoR that refer on to training, and personal safety and eventually other information in this section of the website.

It also includes for a need to make a mandatory Written Pre-Examination Agreement which each BSS Examination customer in the Annex A at the end of the document.

The Conditions of Registration can be viewed or downloaded as a pdf file here.