3 Attributes, Aptitudes & Attitudes

Becoming a BSS Examiner is a decision not to be taken lightly

As well as taking into account the business and operational demands of being an examiner; and having the experience, skills and qualifications preferred, you will also need the right attributes, aptitudes and attitudes.

Firstly you will be enthusiastic about boats, safety and good customer service.

By applying to become an examiner you will be demonstrating a clear understanding of the need for consistency in applying BSS requirements to help address risk.

Before applying you are invited to research our website and be confident that the examiner’s role is for you and that you can successfully examine boats in accordance with the BSS Examination Checking Procedures and pass the course assessments. For example, you will need basic geometry and maths skills to calculate the area of ventilation provision and you will need practical skills to carry out the testing of gas systems using a manometer.

There is a responsibility to match customer expectations of high levels of customer service as well deliver on your administrative obligations to report and record examinations in an accurate, consistent and timely manner. Your record keeping will be exemplary.

Examiners are also responsible for their own personal health and safety and the safety of anyone working with them. Examiners are recommended to have reviewed their work by risk assessment, and produce a 'Health and Safety Management Statement' to cover their work. Examiners need to be always looking out for any risks that are presented and stop the examination if necessary. Examiners will need to maintain the test equipment they use.

Finally but not least, every examiner must abide by the BSS Examiner Conditions of Registration and to promote BSS safety-related guidance, such as leaflets, flyers and similar information to help boating customers reduce or avoid risks. In that way examiners will further help to reduce the number of accidents and incidents and near misses that occur on UK inland waterways.

You must be able to carry out the checking actions as proscribed

Boats by their nature may present a cramped, damp, dimly lit and dirty environment. Within this environment many checks are carried out with sight and touch. Gas and fuel joints may be tucked away and will have to be reached. Markings on fuel hoses may have to be confirmed in difficult circumstances. You will need to be able to move with ease down tight companion ways, work upside down in engine compartments and be able to read tape measures at full stretch. You may also need to use your sense of smell to stay safe.

At the time of attending the practical element of the course the assessments will cover the examination of system components within the restricted environment of an engine compartment; fuel tank space or cramped gas locker.

Examinations must be carried out methodically and fully in accordance with the checking procedures manuals and lists. Examiners will need to approach each examination with resolve and determination.  Some physical effort or even discomfort may be required to achieve some of the checks, but not to such an extent that may result in damage to an examiners health, the boat or boat system components.

It is essential that examiners are physically able to carry out all of the checking actions specified in the BSS Examination Checking Procedures, because only those course attendees able to carry out the checks as published, can successfully pass the course assessments. 

You should consider yourself to be a fit and proper person to become an examiner

We are seeking examiner candidates with high standards of customer service and those willing to uphold the standards and values of the BSS. Any personal circumstances that would appear to conflict with the examining role should be seriously taken account of before deciding whether to apply.

Such personal circumstances may include bankruptcy and criminal convictions for the following: - workplace assaults, rape or sexual offences, hate or racially motivated crimes, criminal damage to navigation authority property, dishonesty crimes such as fraud or stealing from an employer, insurance scams, falsification of legal documents.

If you are still keen to become an examiner then please read all the information available to understand the considerable demands and responsibilities that come with the role before completing the online expression of interest form.

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