Are you thinking of becoming a BSS Examiner?


Welcome - This is the information for people interested in becoming a BSS Examiner.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a new BSS Examiner.

Of prime importance is your existing level of knowledge and understanding about boat systems such as fuel, electrical and gas systems, because the BSS Examiner Training Programme to become an BSS Examiner presumes you have a good level of prior knowledge. So if you think a spill rail is something you would find in a pub then becoming a BSS Examiner may not be for you.

Although being a BSS Examiner always will be a technical role of applying both a deep and practical knowledge of boat construction and systems, it is equally important to bring excellent administrative, organisational and customer service qualities to the role. It hardly needs saying that you will be a 'people person' with passion to see people enjoying boats safely.

The following web pages cover what a BSS Examiner is and the factors you must consider before deciding to express an interest to joining the pathway that may lead to a formal offer of a place BSS Examiner Training Programme and then potentially applying to be an examiner.

The programme is modular with a mix of online, classroom and field based elements, including learning, coaching and assessment in all stages.

Trainees will undertake 16 online learning modules and attend 2.5 weeks of training, which consists of two days in Evesham, two separate weeks at our Examiner Field Craft training centre in Norwich and a half day end of programme review near Northampton. The current Programme fee is £5949 (plus VAT) which is split into three non-equal stage payments, the fee includes for the final review and 6-months equivalence of coaching with an appointed experienced personal champion. The 2023 programme is now full and started in March and we anticipate the first trainees will become examiners in September.

The dates for the 2023 attended courses are:
•    A week at our dedicated training centre in Norwich, which also includes Core Electrical training – one of either 17 April or 8 May
•    2 days in Evesham on Core LPG during week commencing 26 June
•    A second week at our dedicated training centre in Norwich – one of either 3 July or 17 July
•    End of programme Review will be agreed between yourself and the assessor but will be sometime in August or September.

About the BSS New Examiner Training Programme

We have selected up to 24 Trainees for our 2023 Programme. We have a robust process based on a number of criteria including qualifications, transferable skills such as diagnostics, risk migration etc., personal attributes and location. Location is important as we need to prioritise to ensure we address any shortages of examiners in some geographical areas.

We welcome Expressions of Interest from women - we currently only have men as examiners. 

If you are keen to become a BSS Examiner on one of our future courses then please read all the information on pages 1-4 to understand the considerable demands and responsibilities that come with the role, before going to page 5 to make an Expression of Interest.  

1 About The BSS 2 Experience Skills 3 Apptitude Attidues 4 Business Operational 5 Make An Expression Of Interest