5 Make An Expression of Interest

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Boat Safety Scheme Examiner. This page is for those further considering undertaking the entry course.

Please note we're not providing details about the training course because the course is currently being re-structured and improved. While the course is under review and its structure is yet to be finalised, we are not inviting applications – you will need to be fully aware of what you are applying for, how it is organised and the fee structure before you commit.

However we are welcoming expressions of interest from people who fit the descriptions of qualifications, experience, skills, aptitudes, attitudes and having a full realisation of the business environment and operational demands made of BSS Examiner. We believe the responsibilities are considerable and so we think it needs quite special people to fit the profile of the modern BSS examiner.

Along with your personal contact details please provide a brief (one page) CV specific to the BSS Examiner role. These should indicate succinctly how you meet our requirements importantly including details of your marine experience and skills together with your related technical background and qualifications.

If we think your CV indicates a shortfall in meeting the requirements we will let you know. Likewise, if your CV indicates that it is fine to continue along the pathway to become a BSS examiner we will let you know and once the details of the course are finalised, we will send you an invitation to make a formal, full application for our further consideration.

If you have read all the details on the links below, consider that you fit the profile and wish to make an expression of interest, which may put you on an updates-mailing-list, then please provide the details below, please note the fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory.

1 About The BSS 2 Experience Skills 3 Apptitude Attidues 4 Business Operational