Inefficient joints will cause LPG to leak. To minimise the risk of this happening joints must be made with compression fittings. Soldered joints must not be used because of their low resistance to heat, such as that experienced in an initial fire. For stainless steel and copper alloy pipework, screwed fittings are acceptable. To enable them to be checked regularly all joints must be readily accessible. Vibration can cause joints to become loose. To help prevent this, joints must be rigidly supported and fixing clips must be attached no more than 150mm (6ins) from each joint connection.

Pipes which enter joints at abnormal angles and do not provide an efficient connection may leak over time. To reduce the risk of this happening, joints must be made at a point where stress is minimised. All joints and other pipe connections are potential failure points in a LPG gas installation system. To reduce the risk of leaks the number of joints must be kept to a minimum. [7.19]