part six checklist

6.1  fire extinguishers of an approved type
  fire extinguishers readily accessible
  fire extinguishers near fire risk points
  fire extinguishers maintained in good condition
  fire extinguishers above minimum (individual) fire rating*
  fire extinguishers above minimum combined fire rating*
  required number of fire extinguishers*
  portable fire extinguisher capable of discharge into engine space, without fully opening primary access

6.2 fire extinguisher fixed system - remote release device readily accessible from outside risk space

6.3 fire blanket required and fitted
  fire blanket fitted at least to 'light duty' BS 6575*
  fire blanket ready for immediate use
  fire blanket kept near to cooking facilities

6.4  exposed GRP - fire retardant complies with Class 2 BS 476 Part 7*

6.5  thermal Insulation - complies with Type A BS 3837 Part 1*

6.6 soft furnishings/fabrics/foam material of suitable fire resistant/non-toxic material *
  upholstery fabric test to Standards of BS EN 1021 Parts 1 and 2*

6.7 no two means of escape from accommodation areas*
  means of escape - opening not of minimum dimensions*

  All checklist items relevant to the boat's installations are mandatory passes for non-private vessels