The Way We Work

The BSS operates to the following quality management principles ensuring that key decisions are effective and efficient by:

1) focussing on the BSS purpose in a way that balances the responsibilities and needs, and meets the expectations of the various customer groups;

2) working closely together under clear leadership (BSS Office Team led by the BSS Manager , BSS committee members led by the relevant committee Chair);

3) utilising facts, data and risk analysis to ensure key decisions are proportionate, risk-based and effective;

4) operating a process-based approach in support of key decision making;

5) employing 'management review' to help ensure sustainable and effective improvements are achieved to support the purpose;

6) ensuring BSS committee activity is prioritised on the primary risks and that the outcomes provide value for money.

Day to day operational decisions are made by BSS Office staff under the direction of the BSS Manager.