Privacy schedule - boat examinations & boat owners

Privacy Schedule for Boat Safety Scheme Examinations and Boat Owners.

This schedule sets out the details of our processing of personal information about Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) Examinations and BSS Certifications of boats and boat owners.

It is important that you read this section of our privacy schedule together with the main section of our privacy policy. This is so that you are fully aware of how your information is used and your individual rights.

What Information we collect about boat BSS Examinations.

Depending on the circumstances, we may hold some or all of the following about the examination and you:

  • Details relating to your boat for identification purposes only (e.g. boat name(s), dimensions, index number, year of build, colour, manufacturer, construction material and engine arrangements.
  • Details relating to the boat’s place of examination.
  • Details and records of the examinations, (e.g. records of construction, condition, appliances and ventilation, reasons for non-compliance with BSS Checks and Requirements and re-examination).
  • Imagery and or videos.

What Information we collect about boat owner(s) who make specific enquiries to us concerning BSS certification and BSS Examinations.

We do not routinely collect and hold information about boat owners. We have no prior knowledge of who may own and/or licence or register a boat.

It is not until a boat owner or keeper contacts the BSS with a query that we need to gather some very limited personal data as follows:

  • Your name where we need to respond to you and when relevant to check that you have title to the boat BSS Certification information held by the BSS if you have requested it.
  • Your contact details – as above
  • Your enquiries, feedback, responses to appeals and consultations and details of individual complaints and other direct contact with BSS or via a Navigation Authority.
  • Information relating to any health and safety reports, including incidents and investigations, that you have reported or been involved with including medical or health conditions resulting from any incident.

How We Use Your Information

We collect information from reports of your boat’s examination in order to be able to provide you with a BSS Certification report.

We also collect responses to surveys and consultations, electronic records of your contact with us such as telephone calls, queries raised, accident reports or complaints made.

Details of the boat, and BSS Examination records are retained for the life and beyond of the boat.

Unless otherwise specified below, we delete boater’s personal information 6 years after it is first collected or no longer relevant.

Where necessary and requested by a Navigation Authority we will also process personal data of boaters and retain details of interactions as part of any accident or incident.

Legal Basis for Processing Personal Information

As our boat examination activity is a public task on behalf of Navigation Authorities with legal powers for boat licensing and registration. BSS relies on public task as the legal basis for processing this personal data in many circumstances.

In regard to boat details, we need to collect information so that we can both provide you with a service and as part of the support performed by the BSS to navigation and harbour authorities’ licensing, registration or mooring policies when they exercise their duties of care.

When we gather information relating to health and safety near misses or incidents, we are relying on public task for the collection of this data and the processing of it to investigate and improve our estates.

Otherwise, we rely on legitimate interests e.g. to share information where necessary in connection with accidents or incidents, and for identifying relevant boats and their condition in regard to our role in analysing risk and improving public safety.

How We Share this Data

As we need to share information with others to provide the examination service to you, there is a legitimate interest in the BSS sharing this information. We may also need to share it to meet contractual and legal obligations. 

We may share boat information and occasionally customer personal contact information with the following individuals and organisations:

  • The relevant Navigation Authorities.
  • The BSS legal advisors and external legal advisors, consultants or contractors, BSS Examiners, volunteers, insurance advisors or organisations with a legitimate interest or duty in exchanging information about you.
  • Police, local authorities and other law enforcement and regulatory and safeguarding agencies where we are satisfied that the relevant agency has demonstrated a proper legal basis for requesting personal information (e.g. prevention and detection of crime, apprehension and prosecution of offenders, administration of justice or collection of taxes) unless there is an overriding and urgent safeguarding concern where non-disclosure would harm the vital interest of any party when disclosure may take place without a request in writing.
  • The BSS affiliated companies when we have a legitimate interest to share the data or are required to fulfil the needs of our public task.

Last edited: December 2022