BSS Requirements for hire boats from April 2017

The information on this web-page is for hire boat operators and sets out essential and useful information, to assist operators make any necessary changes to their hire boats before the implementation date of slightly revised BSS Hire Boat Requirements from 1 April 2017.

These changes represent a product of the process of reviewing hirer safety and consulting with the hire trade, BSS examiners, navigation authorities and hirer representatives.

From 1 April 2017:

A) The BSS Examination Checking Procedures for Privately Owned and Managed Vessels will apply to all hire boats.

All relevant private boat BSS checks are mandatory compliance for hire boats, whereas for privately-owned and managed boats the set of checks is a mix of requirements and advice checks.

Existing BSS certifications will remain valid until they expire. The onus is on hire operators to ensure their boats meet the new and amended BSS Requirements from 1 April.

To view and download the public edition the BSS Examination Checking Procedures for Privately Owned and Managed Vessels BSS (version 3.0 April 2015) click here.

B) New and revised BSS checks will also apply to hire boats in addition to the private boat ones mentioned above. These additional BSS Requirements for hire boats are made up of seven new checks and nine original requirements from Part 10 of the 2002 BSS Standards. 

To view and download the list of additional BSS Requirements for hire boats click here.

Technical support for any hire boat operator seeking information to help move their fleet to full compliance is available by using the ‘contact-us‘ page on this site where questions, photos, diagrams and supporting documents can be uploaded to the BSS website or call 0333 202 1000.


Background information from the hirer safety review and resulting consultation leading to the new BSS Hire Boat Requirements for April 2017

The original September 2015 consultation paper (now closed) and details of the revisions - click here

A short summary of the changes proposed arising out of the consultation (Sept 2015) can be read here. (Feb 2016)

A summary of the impact for hire operators as a result of the adoption of the private boat checks for hire boats, click here as published for the 2015 consultation

A hard copy of the 2015 consultation document is available upon request.

All comments and the BSS responses in detail can be viewed here (Feb 2016).

The news release (Feb 16) announcing decision to implement the revised BSS hire boat requirements from April 2017 can be viewed here