BSS Welcomes Calor Confirmation of the Continued Supply of 3.9kg Propane and 4.5kg Butane Cylinders

Just before Christmas, Calor’s Network Team reaffirmed that Calor is to continue to supply the 3.9kg propane and 4.5kg butane cylinder sizes and is working hard to return supply to normal as soon as possible. The BSS welcomes this latest announcement to continue to supply these smaller cylinders as it could mean that boaters may not need to make any changes to the boat’s LPG system to suit a different size of cylinder.

NR24 001 Calor Confirmation Of Continued Supply Of Small Cylinders 25Jan24

We appreciate Calor listening to the concerns of the BSS, boating groups as well as the many individuals since its original announcement this time last year.

Calor has advised us that:

‘We can confirm that we continue to supply and refill 3.9kg propane and 4.5kg butane cylinders and will not be phasing them out of circulation as announced last year. Customers using these cylinder sizes told us they were frustrated by the limited availability of alternatives. We listened to their concerns and during 2023 we reviewed options for maintaining supply. 

‘We have continued to fill a small number of these cylinder sizes during the review period. Following recent modernisation to our filling plants and cylinder refurbishment facilities, we can now start to increase supply, but it will take some time for cylinders requiring refurbishment to be returned to circulation. Therefore, while supplies remain limited, we can only exchange cylinders on a one-for-one basis and so are currently unable to swap large cylinders for small or issue new cylinders. When the situation changes, we will communicate this. 

‘We are starting to increase the number of these cylinder sizes into our retail network and Calor Distribution Centres. it will take time to return supply to normal, but we are working hard to do this as soon as possible and will keep customers informed.’ 

The BSS advice to boaters is to, where possible, be patient in considering if any changes to the LPG system are necessary. If changes are needed, we urge boater owners to find competent professionals in local boats yards, or through the Gas Safe Register and ensure any changes are safe and compliant with boat LPG Codes of Practice and the BSS Requirements which are available on the BSS website .