Hirer Safety Review Stages

The review process had four distinct stages:

Stage 1 - risk-review icomplete. The results were considered by the BSS Technical Committee and BSS Advisory Committees between May and December 2013. It included the use of a combined committee sub-group and seeking further input from recent open forums for hire operators.

The events had a two-way purpose; information obtained is being used to inform the review and during the events, the interim information from the sub-group was shared with the participants.

The report was presented to the BSS Management Committee on 19 December 2013 and the members had until the end of March to consider it and ask for any clarifications.

The consultant’s report can be viewed here.

NOTE: The risk review was not a 'fundamental' review, it looked at what has changed since the time a risk review was last carried out in 2007 in support of the MCA/BMF/AINA Code for the Design, Construction and Operation of Hire Boats, Part 1: Power driven boats (Hire Boat Code).

Further information about Stage 1 of the Navigation Authority Hirer Safety Review can be viewed here.

Stage 2 navigation authority proposals will be developed during early 2014. This stage includes defining the balance between roles and responsibilities of the navigation authorities, hire operators and hirers in ensuring hirer safety.

Further information about the current activity concerning Stage 2 of the Navigation Authority Hirer Safety Review can be viewed here.

Stage 3 - public consultation this took place in 2015 and agreed changes to navigation authority licensing conditions and BSS hire boat requirements were published April 2016.

Stage 4 - implementation - April 2017.

NOTE: It is open for individual navigation authorities to vary the actual content of any changes to their hire operator licensing conditions and the precise timing of the implementation of any changes.


A graphic representation of these stages and their timelines is on this link