BSS Technical Committee

The Role Of The BSS Technical Committee

Up to 31 March 2024, this committee is the specialist stakeholder committee that makes recommendations to the BSS Advisory Committee concerning issues of a technical nature.

It's work is directed by the BSS risk Management Process.

Customer-group interests, BSS Examiners and surveyors, British Marine are represented evenly on the BSS Technical Committee.

There is also a sub-group of the BSSTC; the BSS Technical Equivalence Panel is a sub-committee that offers guidance on the equivalence of systems or components on CE-marked craft.

The panel sits when an item or component fails a BSS examination and an appeal is presented by the owner or supplier.

Membership of the BSSTC


Boat User Representative Organisations

Assoc. Waterways Cruising Clubs - AWCC

Inland Waterways Association - IWA

National Assoc. of Boat Owners - NABO

Royal Yachting Association - RYA.

British Marine Federation (trade) representation

British Marine (1) 

British Marine (2)

British Marine (3)

Practitioner Representative bodies (Examiners and surveyors)

Assoc. Boat Safety Examiners - ABSE

Surveyors Group Representative

Navigation Authorities Representative

Association of Inland Navigation Authorities (AINA) Representative 

Boat Safety Scheme

Secretariat and BSS Quality & Technical Manager

Co-opted & Others:

BSS Manager

BSS Support Executive

BSS Lead Quality Assurance Assessor

BSS Quality Assurance Assessor

Notes of the BSSTC

The notes of BSSTC meetings are not published due matters of commercial sensitivity that may be relevant to committee dealings, including novel technology.  Not publishing the notes also ensures that technical papers used to support the early development of recommendations are not taken out of context.

The decisions and advice arising from the work of the BSSTC will be clear from published BSSAC and BSSMC notes.