BSS Annual Reports

This page contains links to the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) annual reports. The BSS is a public safety initiative delivering safer boating on Britain’s inland waterways and supporting the legal duties of their navigation authorities. It relies on the dedication and commitment of over 140 authorised independent Examiners, a small team of staff, and a larger group of stakeholders including volunteers, navigation authority officers, and marine sector professionals.

Our Annual Reports cover the following subjects: -  

  • Our immediate, middle, and long-term challenges, that influence the decisions we have taken and will need to make.
  • The Scheme’s Advisory and Technical Committee Chair’s Reports and the vital work of our committee members.
  • The BSS annual financial statement – an overview of how we raise and spend money, investing in safe boating.
  • We set out the BSS year in statistics and numbers, many of which have delivered by professional and committed BSS Examiners.
  • We cover BSS Training & quality assurance, which are two side of the same coin that are key to a continual improvement programme, part of our aim for high quality customer service and BSS Examinations consistent with the BSS Requirements.
  • Looking ahead, the BSS Priorities for the next fiscal year.
  • BSS Incident and Risk Database: The Risk Management Process (RMP) directs the work of the Scheme. It’s a process that takes account of changes in legislation, introduced appliances, new fuels and power sources, changes in boat construction, any relevant Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) recommendations, the lessons from our collated incident and accident data and the demands of our operating environment.
  • BSS year round-up includes the challenges we have faced, some of which are resolved and some ongoing. And we cover the successes we have had during the year.

BSS Annual Report 2022-23 (introducing the revised style of annual reporting)