COVID-19 News BSS Examinations Temporary Suspension Extended - 30 April

The joint owners of the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) are extending the temporary extension to safety certificates for those craft requiring an examination to 30th April.

NR20-003 COVID 19 BSS Temporary Suspension Extended

Navigation Authorities and licensing bodies will maintain a record of those boats having extended BSS recognition.

They will still expect that owners of boats with BSS extensions to have a BSS Examination as soon as possible once restrictions are lifted.

Staying safe is essential and keeping others safe a responsibility, so boat owners must continue to maintain their boats in accordance with the BSS Requirements. Any owner wanting to check that their boat continues to be compliant can run through the requirements using the BSS Examination Checking Procedures found at

If you or anyone on the boat notices a problem, for example if you smell gas, petrol or notice the electrics are producing burning smells; please turn the supply off and have the problem checked out by a professional before using the system again. If boatyards or regular breakdown service are shut, owners should use the web to track down a competent boat technician e.g. Gas Safe registered engineer, etc.

Owners are advised to check any implications for their boat’s insurance cover with the broker or underwriter linked to the temporary licensing waiver of BSS Certification.