Navigation Authority Extended Recognition of BSS Certifications Due To COVID-19 Ends Today

Inland waterway navigation authorities that have extended their recognition of existing Boat Safety Scheme Certifications (BSSC) beyond their expiry dates because of COVID-19 restrictions, are now ending this extended recognition today (31 July) as stated in previous advice. Most boats owners have now obtained a new BSSC for their craft, but those remaining owners of boats with expired BSSC should now arrange to have a BSS Examination as soon as possible.

NR20 007 BSS COVID 19 Extension Ends FINAL

Boat owners may be contacted directly by their Navigation Authority with more advice on this subject.

Anyone who is having difficulties because of health vulnerabilities, or difficulties with getting access to their boats, should contact their licensing/registration authority to discuss their circumstances and what they should do about their boats BSS Certification, the BSS cannot help in this matter.

Customers who cannot find BSS Examiners in their chosen locality through their usual channels, should check out the lists on or contact the BSS for help using with details of where the boat is lying and what sort of BSS Examination they require.

To help guide a boat owner through what are the ‘new normal’ preparations for BSS Examinations, we have a dedicated webpage; go to to find out more.


The Boat Safety Scheme, or BSS, is a public safety initiative owned by the Canal & River Trust and the Environment Agency.  Its purpose is to help minimise the risk of boat fires, explosions, or pollution harming visitors to the inland waterways, the waterways' workforce and any other users.

Journalists seeking further information about the Boat Safety Scheme should contact