The V5 system inc invoices

It is critical for any individual examiner to be very familiar and confident with how examinations are reported accurately and consistently.

A series of step-by-step 'How to Guides' (HTG) to help you become familiar with  V5 will are available to download on the HTG and forms page of this website -Link

The V5 appliance, ventilation and fire extinguisher record, is interactive web based form whereby examiners can create a record of those items that will help create a great report for the benefit of the boat owner as well as strong defence to potential challenges.

If you haven't used it already, please have a go with it and see if you plan to use it to give you the protection of a having record, and to give your customer best service.

Reports to customers

If the boat was not compliant on examination, you must provide your customer a suitably explicit examination report in text/writing, ensuring it meets the framework for reporting examinations that did not pass.

Remember all customers must be given a final certification report within 2 days (or five days by mutual agreement with the customer). These can be delivered electronically by email, sms, Facebook or other messaging / file-sharing services OR a printed copy by post or hand

Navigation Authorities

Most navigation Authorities have direct access to the BSS central database. they are all reporting success in in viewing examination and certification records. A few have already commented in the delay for seeing some records where they know a certificate has been issued on the the ground so timeliness of examination reporting is your key to success.

You will also have to double-check you are applying an examination record to the correct boat.


Every time you record an examination with the result...

  • Yes
  • Yes, but advice checks have not passed

... a chargeable record is made and you will be sent a monthly notification that an invoice can be seen or downloaded from the My BSS/My Invoices tab in the BSS Community, login at

Look for the BSS record on the My BSS/My Invoices tab.

You will then settle that invoice in the usual way. Special arrangements may be put into place for some examiners on request by the Canal & River Trust Shared Service Centre.

To be clear - this is what we don't charge for

No charge is made for examinations with a 'No' result.

You are not charged for creating documents using Weaver - so if you need to correct a report e.g. the date was wrong, or if you have to re-supply a certification report; there is no charge.

Redundant paper certificates

Please shred or thoroughly destroy any blank old paper certificates. There is no credit available for these.