d.  Two-way communication via the BSS Examiner web-support facility

All parties agree that the BSS Examiner web-support facility will be the primary means of communication between the BSS Office and BSS Examiners and vice versa. 

It is agreed that the material provided on the BSS Examiner web-support facility and the routine use of the facility is essential to the aim of the consistent application by examiners of BSS requirements. The need for specific and timely communications to examiners and for examiners to act upon said communications is equally accepted.

The ease of interpretation of the BSS requirements and the timely dissemination of information supporting this is agreed as fundamental to creating an examiner conformance culture.  We jointly aim to make conformance easier than non-conformance, by working together to establish a clear and coherent interpretation of BSS requirements

In support of the aim for compliant boats, it is agreed that the web-support facility will also be used to inform examiners of the key BSS safety awareness messages for examiners and recent incident data.  It is equally agreed that examiners will help inform future BSS awareness information by contributing to occasional surveys of examiner knowledge.

Measures of success

The BSS Office will:

  • provide technical and policy guidance online
  • provide BSS Examination documentation online
  • provide a facility to order examination materials online
  • ensure website material is up-to-date and alert examiners of all essential changes, e.g. ECP changes
  • provide routine technical updates and news articles of interest
  • provide a web 'clinic' facility and publish Examiner FAQs and the answers
  • upload 'black museum' photos
  • publish in one place all guidance relevant to the provisions of the conditions of examiner registration
  • provide formal consultations on any proposed changes to the conditions of examiner registration online
  • upload occasional simple survey web-pages for completion by examiners
  • provide a facility to view and book training courses
  • inform examiners of key BSS safety awareness messages affecting them and recent incident data
  • provide a facility to make a complaint about the level of service provided by the BSS Office
  • continuously review the effectiveness of the web-based support facility for examiners

BSS Examiners will:

  • visit the BSS Examiner web-support facility on a routine basis
  • respond constructively to requests for input/information/participation in BSS surveys and consultation exercises
  • participate constructively to online improvement and presentation opportunities
  • use the material ordering facility in a timely and effective way
  • suggest improvement to the BSS Examiner web-support facility

BSS Examiner Bodies will:

  • encourage their members in respect of the 5 items listed above
  • accept a role in owning and communicating processes, initiatives, and interpretation decisions
  • through involvement at BSS Advisory Committee, help develop, review and refine BSS Examiner web-support facility

Joint Aspiration:

  • to develop a professional quality BSS Examiner web-support facility which will encourage and enable BSS Examiners to operate safely and efficiently, and in full conformity with BSS requirements.

e.  Examiner Registration, BSS Examination Recording and Material Ordering

All parties agree that there is a need for an efficient registration process. It is also agreed that BSS Examination material ordering and examination recording online, is a means to provide an efficient and reliable process.

BSS Examiners should expect an inherently reliable online administration facility and it is accepted by all parties that failures of this system could have a detrimental impact on examiner customer service

Measures of Success

The BSS Office will:

  • provide a timely and effective system for processing applications for BSS examiner registration and authorisation
  • provide clear details of the criteria for registration (i.e. annual registration fees, conditions of examiner registration, etc.) at least one month prior to the re-registration date
  • provide an effective online system for BSS Examiners to order BSS examination materials
  • provide an effective online system for BSS Examiners to enter details of BSS examinations carried out

BSS Examiners will:

  • apply for registration online in a timely, accurate and complete manner
  • submit online orders for BSS examination materials in an accurate and timely manner
  • enter online details of BSS examinations as soon as practicable after the examination has taken place and in a manner compatible with the needs of the Navigation Authority.

BSS Examiner Bodies will:

  • support members to fully and accurately complete online and on time, BSS Examiner registration
  • support members to complete online orders for BSS examination materials in a timely manner
  • support members to enter details of BSS examinations carried out as soon as possible after the examination has taken place

Joint Aspiration:

  • optimize the BSS online system to achieve jointly beneficial cost-saving measures

f.  Improving the SLA

It is agreed that performance against the common objectives and the measures of success associated with each of the core elements will be monitored and measured by all parties through the BSS Advisory Committee and will be reported upon by the committee to the BSS Management Committee at least annually.

The BSS Office and the BSS Examiner Bodies agree to make any recommendations to revise the terms of this SLA through the BSS Advisory Committee.

Individual examiners may make recommendations for change through their Examiner Body or directly to the BSS Advisory Committee.

The BSS Advisory Committee can make recommendations concerning any conflicting revision suggestions to the BSS Management Committee.

Joint Aspiration

  • this SLA will be continuously improved in support of the agreed common objectives

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